What’s the big idea?

Writers are lazy. They wait for the muse, procrastinate, complain about not being inspired enough or motivated enough or about not having enough time. They even spend considerable amounts of time reading articles and books about how to write.

The one thing they actively avoid doing is writing.

Writing a story is like giving birth. I glow with pride and satisfaction when I look at a work of fiction I have created, but I hate having to go through the process of writing. Needless to say, I defend myself using the reasons I listed out above.

But as any serious professional writer will tell you, writing is primarily about discipline. All the inspiration in the world will not produce a work of art if the artist does not put pen to paper, finger to keyboard, brush to canvas, knife to… you get the idea.

So I started an experiment to enforce discipline on myself. What I do (and what this site is all about) is that once a week, I sit down with nothing more than an idea in my head and type for exactly one hour.

The stories I produce during these sessions are published here.